Problem maintaining LTE connection on GSM network.

I recently activated a Verizon LG G5 (VS987) on Ting's GSM network. It has LTE bands 2 and 4. It normally connects to LTE when the device is first turned on and when taken out of airplane mode. It is able to hold a working LTE connection for approximately 30 seconds and then abruptly disconnects and switches to EDGE/3G/HSPA. It will then bounce between these different types of connections, never seeming to hold on to one for longer than a minute or two. Occasionally, it will connect to LTE without me doing anything, but then it disconnects as usual.

I have tried resetting the network settings and APN settings. Additionally, I have tried switching the network mode from Global to LTE/GSM/UTMS mode, with the same results. Curiously, switching to LTE/CDMA mode allows it to maintain an LTE connection, but obviously has no CDMA signal because I have a GSM sim card. This is almost a solution, though I am not able to make and receive calls and texts via the network in this mode because it’s LTE only. Plus, when out of range of LTE towers, I would get zero service.

A Ting rep has also tried doing a reset for me on their end, to no avail. He also suggested that it may be a coverage issue, which may be true for my home, but there is plenty of coverage in nearby cities I frequently visit. It does the same thing even if I’m in the middle of Medford, Oregon (population 78,000.) He has sent me a free GSM card, hoping that it will fix my problems, but I don't think it will work. (It has not arrived yet.) I tried my sim card in my mom’s phone and it works normally.

Phone calls and texts still work normally. I can use data through whatever network type my phone decides to connect to. The problem is that the phone is not maintaining a specific data connection type; it bounces between all of them like a nomad when it should be on LTE a majority of the time.

Any suggestions?




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