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After some hair pulling I figured out that there's a simple fix if you iPhone is failing to send texts specifically if roaming (no data available) or your data is turned off to conserve bandwidth, and you're not on wifi either. iPhone seems to come with a necessary toggle turned off. Just go to Settings, Message, and toggle "send as SMS" to On. Otherwise it will try to use iMessage over wifi or data only. If you switch this toggle on, as it explains clearly, it will switch to regular cell SMS when iMessage isn't available. 



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  • Hi Jon, this is absolutely true. The iPhone iMessage needs some sort of data connection to send and receive messages. Having the Send as SMS feature turned on is a great way to make sure that no texts are missed when conserving your data and away from wifi. I hope you didn't pull out much hair finding this but now that you have it set up like this you shouldn't have any problems in the future.

    Hope you have a great rest of the day and thanks for sharing this with everyone!   

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