Add a field to add another email address to the account
It may be a benefit to you to have two fields for emails as older people may have their children pay for the service if they would get seriously ill. If they are retired and have reduced income. It could be a nice selling point to seniors as well as others.   It would give piece of mind to seniors and anyone else if they know that if something happened to them, such as hospitalization, job loss, or retirement,  that someone else would receive a billing notice and would be able to make a payment for them. Our family shares the same account.


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    Hey Lenora, as of right now we don't offer accounts that can accommodate more than one email for security reasons. Alternatively, we can set up an account with a permanent verification PIN which can be used by your whole family to ensure that everyone has equal access to the account. If this is something you'd like to set up call support (1-855-846-4389) and we'll get it sorted for you. 

  • Another good idea that the mods never answer for me to comment I am signed in as  Karen I am not Karen but that's the email to the acc. another way Ting is lacking


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