Galaxy J3 prime

How do I update my 911 address to keep the reg09 error to go away? I can't make any callor text. No service here so I have to use WiFi.



  • Hi Chuck,

    We'd need to add the address to your account. If you go over to our website you can open an online chat support window to one of our advisors. They will be more than happy to give a hand with it and get the error to go away. 

  • I'm sorry Bryce but isn't that what I just asked? How do I do it? In other words. Can you help me do it? You said you needed too. Think maybe this time you could do that. Instead of responding irrelevantly. Thanks again

  • Hi Chuck.

    Are you a Ting customer? Then it's not something you can do by yourself. You need to contact us via the chat I linked. We update a setting on our side, and the message will just go away!

    If you're not a Ting customer (this seems to be really popular on MetroPCS), you need to contact your carrier and have them update your 911 Address. Once they do that, the REG09 error will go away completely.


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