3 days and no phone service on any of our phones.

While the customer service reps have been delightful during chats, I've been told that we are waiting for a response from T-moble, which takes 72 hrs. As we near 68 hrs since the 1st request was submitted, I am so baffled as to why no one on our account can use their phones to make a call. We've done the resets, hard power re-boots, cursed at the phones, apologized to the phones, taken the phones other places and considered calling in a shaman. Why would all 3 of our phones be forsaken by T-Mobile at the same time? Has any one else had this happen? The other posts even similar to this issue all end with a Ting rep saying, "Let's chat privately and get this fixed!" I want to know what the solution and results were, if any! 



  • Hey Jennifer, 

    If all three phones have no service, it's very likely there's a tower down in your area. You can confirm this by going to a different location (usually 5 miles or so minimum, recommended) to see if service comes back. 

    We really are at the mercy of the GSM network provider on this stuff. When we say that a request takes up to 72 hours, we're not blowing smoke. Replies can take 72 hours from the moment they're submitted, not from the moment of first contact. 

    Usually when a rep pops in to ask for a private chat, it's because we need to authenticate the account to open a request and engage the network provider. You've already done that, so you're on the other side of the equation.

    Typically the solution is that we wait for the network provider to send out a technician to repair the tower, which could be affecting all Ting GSM and all MVNOs who use our GSM provider. Things sometimes move slow at the Big 4, which is why it typically isn't an instant fix. Believe me, if Ting could have our own towers, we would. They're just really expensive.

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  • Hi Mitch-

    I wasn't suggesting that Ting was blowing smoke up any patooties with the 72 hour response time from one of the Big 4. I really did have a lovely experience with the Ting Reps I chatted with. My post here in this forum was my attempt at reaching out to other Ting users that have experienced or ARE experiencing the same issue that I am having. Hearing that it's an issue that could be affecting all Ting GSM and MVNOs who use this GSM provider makes me feel a little better, but I still am frustrated. Not at you, Ting. At not being able to make some phone calls. I've been defending your honor to my husband who merely sees his phone isn't working and blames Ting.

    So, an instant fix was not my expectation. In fact, I feel like a bit of a heel even complaining as there are multiple states of emergency around the country, but there are no disasters in my general vicinity. Again, my post here was just for a little commiseration, not a Ting-bashing. I heart Ting.

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