Ting warranty process *Beware*

Starting with a quote form Ting's "about page" seemed to be a good place to start.

Ting is built on fairness and clarity instead of opacity and obfuscation. We're changing the industry because we are tired of business as usual too.

– Elliot Noss, CEO


I have been a happy Ting customer since March 2013.  In that time, I have had many phones and a good experience.  Since this was the case, I often bragged to others how good my service was and the price I paid.  I encouraged others to switch whenever the opportunity arose.

A few months ago, I decided to buy a couple LG G5's from Ting.  This was my first phone purchase from Ting and I am sorry I made this choice.  One of the phones purchased developed an issue where the power button no longer functioned.  I knew I had a year warranty and contacted Ting through the help line.  They instructed me to take pictures of the phone, send them and they would determine if they would proceed with the warranty.  I sent about 6 pictures including one with the phone powered on.  Everything seemed good and I waited for a reply.  

After a few days, I received an email stating a new device was shipped and instructions for return of the broken phone.  After receiving the replacement phone, I sent the old phone back with the shipping label provided.  A few days later my credit card was charged $255 and I received the following message after asking why:

Ciaran McGrath September 06, 2017 18:52

Hey Ken 

I hope you are having a great day.

It was because the device we received is very damaged. Our Wearhouse reported it as - 

The device has a ton of scratches on the screen - many that are deep. Damaged.

As part of the warranty policy, you will receive a charge for the replacement as we don't cover physical damage to the phone. You can view the full policy here - 


If you need anything else reply to this email and I will be happy to help

Have a great day
My reply:
The phone had some surface scratches from daily use. It was fully functional except for the power button which stopped working. The power button has nothing to do with scratches from carrying a phone in a pocket. When doing an internet search, the power button issues on the lg g5, many have had these same power button issues. 
The 7 year old laptop I am typing on now has may scratches but that does not prevent it from working.
I asked to have my old phone returned since I could still turn it on by plugging in the power cable while pushing the volume up button.  I figured at least I would have a back-up phone.  Then I was told, I could not get the phone back that I PAID FOR.  Their policy is to not return phones even though I paid for both.  I call that theft.
I have had no further responses from Ting and the request status has been open for 6 days.  Left open, NO RESPONSE!
I am really surprised to be treated this way particularly since I have been a loyal customer for over 4 years.  What will I do now?  I had three phones on Ting and I removed one to test a different service.  So far so good, the quality is just as good and pricing about the same.  In 10 days when the billing cycle is almost over, I will switch the other two phones and say goodbye to the 4 loyal years I have used Ting's service.  I will then do what I can to convince 10 others through forum posts to leave Ting.  I think I can achieve that through referral fees and I will add my own money to the incentive.  Yes, I am upset about the money, but I would get over that.  I will not get over their policy of STEALING MY PHONE.

I leave you with more of Ting's "about page".  Rather funny in a distorted way.


What we believe in.

  1. Fairness

    In everything we do, we gut check to make sure it's right, reasonable and fair to everyone involved. If not, we take a step back and we don't start again until whatever it is passes the test.

  2. Clarity

    The industry we operate in relies and profits on confusion. We don't. We give people the information others hide and trust them to make the choice that best suits them.

  3. Realness

    We're all people with our own personal preferences, passions and opinions. We don't gloss over our humanness or expect our customers to fit into simple archetypes.



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  • Hi Ken,

     Thanks for bringing this up and letting us know. I'm going to be contacting Ciraran today to find out what is going on and so that he can send you an email with an update. Our warehouse isn't open today so he might not have much of an update to give you but I'm going to make sure that this is being looked into. 

     We do believe in fairness, clarity, and realness here at Ting and I'm going to make sure that your frustrations are addressed. We would hate to lose you as a customer after 4 years but I absolutely understand where you are coming from and hope that we will be able to find a resolution to this situation.

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