Allow credit card info to be removed and allow an account to be removed permanently

Hello Ting.

I have Ting accounts that I know I won't use anymore.  However, I can't remove the credit card information, and I can't get the account closed permanently, even after talking to Ting support.

It's nice that Ting allows an inactive account to be there in case it needs to be reused.  That's a convenience sometimes.

But it's not very nice to hold customers' credit card information hostage just because they opened a Ting account at one point of time.  If an account is actively used, it makes sense to keep the credit card information.  But when a customer knows for sure that an account is no longer needed, why don't you give customers the option to remove the credit card information? Why don't you give the customer the option to remove the account permanently?

Tello gives customers the option to save or remove the credit card information.  That gives customers the peace of mind, in this time of frequent internet safety issues.  I strongly suggest that Ting does the same!

Thank you for your consideration.




  • Hey Enci, there may have been a misunderstanding here. We aren't actually holding onto your billing info in the form of actual credit card details, instead, we are momentarily holding onto billing tokens. Which means it is partial info like expiry date, (so we don't charge an expired card), the last 4 digits of the card but never full credit card info. Additionally, this will be automatically removed once the final payment has cleared in our system. We have no intention of holding your information hostage and I can assure you that these partial records are safe. 

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  • Hi Andre, Thanks for the clarification and that's helpful.  Today, James from Ting checked my accounts and made a note to remove all my credit card info after 90 days.  I appreciate James' help as well. Ting's service is great. Thanks!

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