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There is very little information about this here on the forum so I thought I would post my experience bringing an alarm system to ting. Thus far it has been great. I get reliable gsm monitoring for $6 a month. You cannot beat the price anywhere. 

My set up.  The alarm system here is what I used. (I assume the link will go dead in the near future so I attached a picture below.)  It is just an inexpensive system from Aliexpress. The system took about 21 days to get here from China but for the price it was well worth the wait. The instructions were decent but a little,tough at times due to typical chinglish translation difficulty. 

As for the system, it works on the gsm frequencies found all over the world including ting. Bought a ting SIM card and then activated it. I followed directions on the system to,set it up. I had a little trouble with the date and time setting and getting the SIM card to take. I just did the SIM card install instructions a few times and it took. I think the issue was not the alarm system itself but rather on the side of me trying to do it immediately after activating the SIM card. I suspect ting did not even have time for the computers to talk. Once it was done the system worked like a charm Andrea with tings wonderful network reliability and low low prices.   SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!


ting does not officially support alarm systems so they could not guarantee it would work. And as we all know, ting stands by their guarantee.  They say what they mean and mean what they say. As a result I took a ting chance and I am 😍 


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