Plan to Offer "unlimited everything" plan?

Love Ting but have to leave as bill too high. Unlimited calls and texts and a bit of data for 30 bucks works. $60/70 bills do not. Everything else is great. Would even pay $35 for the service as love this company, but I can't afford to stay. Shame.



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  • Gerald,

    At Ting, we've always been about "pay for what you use and nothing more". An unlimited data plan sets a fixed price on data that you might not use every month.

    Our CEO commented on this a few years ago, because yours is a question we get regularly. You can see that video here:

    We've got lots of tools to help you manage your usage and set hard caps if one of your lines is going over a certain amount, but some people absolutely need more data.

    If you need unlimited data, or need more data than it makes sense to pay Ting for, we're okay with that. We hate to see you go, but we totally understand.

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