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Hi I'm a big fan of the company Razer and they just announced the Razer Phone. I'm also a big fan of your company. I've purchased both of my phones from Ting and I was wondering if you guys are gonna support Razer phone.



  • Hey Anthony

    Per their own specs page, they support

    • GSM: *Quad-band GSM* UMTS: B1/2/3/*4*/5/8
    • LTE: B1/*2*/3/*4*/5/7/8/*12*/17/19/20/*25*/*26*/28/29/30/*66*
    • TDD LTE: B38/39/40/*41* TD-SCDMA: B34/39

    (emphasis mine)

    It looks like it will support Ting GSM right out of the box, assuming it's unlocked.

    If it gets the green light from Sprint, it looks like it should work on CDMA, too. But that's a BIG IF.

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  • I plan on buying one in the next 30ish days or so. If I remember, I'll report back my experiences!

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  • Thank you, Donald. If you want wider exposure, I recommend posting your experience at ting.reddit.com

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  • Wanted to follow up on the Razer phone. Works like a champ following the Pixel setup process for GSM. Without following these directions, only calls and SMS works, so be sure setup the APNs for data!


    1. Reset APN's to Default

    Before beginning these directions, insert your activated Ting GSM X1 SIM card.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap More networks (either Network & Internet, Connections tab, or More, Wireless & networks, Wireless Controls, Wireless Manager, Phone Information)
    3. Mobile Network (or Cellular depending on OS Version)
    4. Tap the "Advanced" part to expand the menu.
    5. Access Point Names
    6. Tap the Menu icon (located near + or Add icon)
    7. Tap Reset to default 

    2. Add Ting Data/MMS APN Profile (IPv4/IPv6)

    You should already be in the access point name section, if so, skip to step #5.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap More networks (under Connections tab, or More, Wireless & networks, Wireless Controls, Wireless Manager, Phone Information)
    3. Mobile or Cellular networks
    4. Access Point Names
    5. Add a new APN (Menu or + icon)
    6. Enter APN settings
      • Name: Ting Data
      • APN: wholesale
      • APN type: default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri,internet,dun
        • If there is a free form field, enter the above exactly as written without spaces
        • If your device has a series of check boxes rather than a free form field, check all the boxes that correspond with the values listed above.
          • For example: if your device has checkboxes for default, mms, supl, wap and ia, check only default, mms and supl.
          • dun may kick an error; doesn't seem to affect performance
      • MMSC: http://wholesale.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
      • MCC: 310 (should already be set)
      • MNC: 260 (should already be set)
      • APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
      • APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    7. Tap the Menu icon (3 dots) icon 
    8. Tap Save  
    9. Select Ting Data as your APN
    10. Restart your device and wait for it to find the Ting network (this may take a minute or so)
    11. Confirm that you're able to access data, send/receive picture, video and group messages
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  • Thank you for the detailed instructions!

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  • This looks great - I was thinking of picking up a razer phone soon too - glad it works on ting!

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  • Going thru the phone, it says 'dun' is not allowed anymore for APN Type. Not sure how significant this change is, but I've been using this setup without dun for awhile now, and I've had no problems. I updated the instructions to be more Razer Phone Friendly.

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  • The dun feature is what mobile hotspot uses. If you leave it out or are unable to add it (some software versions restrict it for an unknown reason), you won't be able to access the mobile hotspot feature of your phone. 

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  • Interesting. Though I have used my mobile hotspot before in order to set up a dash cam; that's how the cam gets firmware updates and such. Is it maybe USB Tethering? That option is grayed out for me, but then again, it's not plugged into anything either.

    Not that I want to call you out, I'm sure you are accurate. But this is sort of an oddball phone. I've learned to accept the quirks of a non-mainstream vendor. :)

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  • Not every phone restricts use of the hotspot feature when missing the dun APN setting. USB tethering tends to be limited to connecting to a laptop or desktop computer.

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