Data usage cap works not so great


I've enabled an usage cap at 1010Mb this month.

It triggered on 1110 Mb, which took me to the next price range.

After realizing it was a bad idea (we got lost without a GPS), I tried to roll back the decision and deleted the usage cap, but data is still blocked!
We got lost again that day. Funny.
I don't see a way to enable it on my account page. No indication that it's blocked, no control to unblock it this month. 

1. I understand that probably updating usage information on cell towers is not instant, but probably some warning that data usage will exceed the cap is needed. 
2. Either the limit should have been removed when I deleted the cap rule, or there must be a button to remove it explicitly.



  • Viktor, 

    If data is disabled, you won't be able to re-enable it from the Ting app. It'll look like it's disabled, but if you're using the app itself to re-enable it, your phone cannot connect to the Ting servers to remove the cap.

    You can always give us a call at 855-TING-FTW (a free phone call from your Ting phone) to remove the data cap if this happens in future. 

    The data block trips the data toggle in both the Ting app and on your dashboard at You can re-enable it from there. If you have trouble locating it on the dashboard, this article on enabling features on your Ting account could help. It should be under the "megabytes" header.

    We recommend setting in a built-in buffer for your alerts and caps if they're going to kick you into the next bucket. 10-15% is perfect.

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  • Thanks Mitch,

    Got it, it's a per-device setting. Thanks!

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  • You should be able to put a cap at the phone level (with Android 6 I can).

    The phone stops data when it hits the block. 

    Plus my phone usually shows a couple of more MB than ting does, so you shouldn't go over.

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