Call block - spoofed number

The FCC web site indicates phone companies make available and free of charge phone number blocking for all calls between states. Since we are being charged for each and every call. With time rounded up to the nearest minute, when can we expect this legally required service?



  • Hi Donald, 

     Interstate call blocking is only mandatory for landlines and not for mobile. If you're looking at some ways to stop some robocalls we can point you towards some resources. The FCC has a call blocking resource tab that links to CTIA website that has a list of apps that can stop robocalls, some free and some are paid for so be mindful of this. 

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  • I can recommend the free iPhone app Hiya, which does a very good job of screening robo-, spam, and local-spoofed calls. 

    My Contacts is in effect a comprehensive list of folks I know. When a person in Contacts calls, their name is displayed and I answer. If a name isn't displayed, I just don't answer, figuring that a real caller will leave a message, and a robo/spam/spoofer won't. Very occasionally I get a voicemail from a real caller, and of course I call back.

    However, the vast majority of my ignored calls both a) don't ring, as I have Hiya set to move unknown callers right to voicemail, and b) don't result in a voicemail. These results suggest my don't-answer-unknown-caller algorithm is a useful approach, and that Hiya is correctly IDing these call as junk.


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