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I love my service with Ting! When planning trips out of town, I check the coverage map to see where I might move out of Ting coverage or roaming coverage. I also want to familiarize myself with the coverage so that I can confidently promote Ting to my friends.

The CDMA map is really small and does not show very much, even when zoomed in a lot. The GSM map fills more of the page and is easier to navigate and scroll.

But the upstream MNOs' coverage maps on their websites stretch all the way across the page and are much easier to navigate. If the Ting website uses an older implementation of their map layout, can you recode Ting's maps to use the newer, easier-to-navigate layout?

Also, in the future can the GSM map show Ting's international coverage since it's supported on that network?




  • Hey Kevin, 

    Our coverage maps are actually directly provided by our network providers. We'll look at adjusting the format, but sometimes the maps need to be viewed at exactly a specific width in order to work correctly. 

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  • I think that international coverage is too complex and fluid for any US MVNO to present.

    Here in the US, it's relatively easy: Ting presents the coverage map of its GSM partner. But most other countries use GSM exclusively; thus, almost all overseas providers have GSM networks, and each country has multiple providers. To map these networks' coverages, one would have to collate every overseas GSM cell system in every such country: multiple providers x multiple countries would be a lot of data, and it'd be constantly changing as networks (mostly) expand. 

    While one might examine, say, T-Mobile's coverage map of the UK and compare it to Vodaphone's, it'd not be trivial (even for the providers themselves) to ascertain which network would serve (much less best serve) a specific phone in a specific place at a specific time. 

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