Getting wifi for my Alcatel Ting phone without having to pay for internet. Is there such a provider? Serious financial crunch time here. Suggestions for cheapest provider needed. I don't need internet for my phone.


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  • Hi Barbara, for the Alcatel Ting phone it does not have the option to connect to wifi. It does have the ability to go online through mobile data services but that would be a paid service through our data rates. If you don't need the internet for your phone then with Ting you would only be paying for what you use with your minutes and messaging. You can check the rates page to see the breakdown of our different buckets that we charge for usage. 

     If you are looking to save on your monthly invoice with Ting I would also suggest taking advantage of our Usage Alerts to manage your account. With usage alerts, you can set your phone to limits so that you do not go over the amount you want to spend every month. We think this is the smarter way to do mobile since it allows you to use the phone only as you need to and you are not paying for anything that you don't. 

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