Deleted voicemail keeps reappearing

This is happening on a OnePlus 3T running OxygenOS 5.0 (Android 8.0.0) on the GSM network.


After deleting a message in visual voicemail, it keeps reappearing a short time later, along with a system notification that I have a new voicemail. I must have deleted the thing half a dozen or more times over the past couple days, but it just won't stay dead.


I didn't experience this behavior prior to my update to Oreo, and I'm not sure if this behavior is rooted in a phone OS issue (not properly initiating a message deletion on the server), or some sort of server-side voicemail issue.


Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.



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  • Hey Aaron, 

    If these steps don't fix it for you, contact our support team so we can reset your voicemail inbox. Resetting your voicemail inbox will delete all the messages in the mailbox.

    If neither solution resolves your problem, I recommend opening a ticket with OnePlus about the issue, as you said it's new as of your Oreo update, and something they might want to investigate.

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