If I route Google number to the phone, can I answer calls with Hangouts app on my iPhone?

I just ported my cell number to Ting on my iPhone, and I have a Google number separately.

I am planning to have Google route my google number to my Ting phone.

Now, is it possible to answer incoming calls with Hangout app on my cell phone (especially when wifi is available)? Or is it not possible since cell phone dialer comes first and pick up the routed call? In other words,  to get to hangout app, then I have to hang up the routed call to my Ting number?




  • Hey Hisato, 

    I'm not 100% sure how Google Voice will route the call, but I know that if you include your Ting number as a routing number and it attempts to ring that number, and that's the one you pick up, it's likely you'll incur minutes usage on Ting for that. 

    I know outgoing calls work from the Hangouts dialer, but I've never tried an incoming call that was also routed to the host phone.

    The best way to determine is with trial and error; that is, have a call come in where your Ting number is not routed and see if the Hangouts app rings correctly. Then, add your Ting number and retry.

  • Hi, Mitch,

    Thanks for your advice. I guess I just leave it as is, and handle all with Hangouts without routing the Google number to the phone..

  • Hisato,

    I think that's the best option until Google releases a Voice app that will handle the entire call process. You're not the only one who will welcome a release that can do this. Lots of Ting users make good use of Google Voice to keep their talk and text usage way down.

  • I use Google Hangouts app when on Wi-fi for all my sent and received calls.  I turn my phone to airplane mode then turn on Wi-fi.  Works flawlessly.  I have a separate Ting # and Google voice # as well.  


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