What is 'Allshare'? and why so much data attributed to it?

I use data only on Wifi - so far. I noticed that beginning about June24, my wifi data usage jumped more than 10x. I was able to identify a program called 'Allshare' as the user. I was not able to find the program under either 'Downlowad' or 'Running'. It shows up only with 'All'. I don't recall installing an 'Allshare', don't know what it is, and am concerned what it's doing and how it might affect me if I ever turn on mobile data. Can anyone provide some info about this?



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  • Hey Kenneth, 


    AllShare, or Samsung AllShare is a content sharing and screen mirroring protocol and set of devices to help you mirror what's on your phone on your screen, and to send files to other Samsung devices on your WiFi network. 

    It shouldn't really affect your cellular usage, as it's designed to work on WiFi or WiDi (WiFi-Direct, which is just a fancy name for connecting two phones together directly without a router). It might be triggered by a software update, or a new Samsung device on your network, like a TV, laptop or set-top box.

    You can read a little bit more about AllShare here on Samsung's website: http://www.samsung.com/us/2012-allshare-play/

    If you're looking to disable it, it might be called "Samsung Allshare," and it almost always runs as a service, so it's unlikely to show up as Downloaded or in Running.

    Hope this helps!

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