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I had a situation where data was disabled by one of my usage alert rules.  It was not a surprise because I was overnighting in my boat.  But once it was off, I had no way to turn it back on.

As the account owner, I'd like to be able to SMS text a PIN to an automated system at ting to re-enable data on any device where it is off. Alternatively, if there were a phone number I could call to reenable it, that would work well, too:

Welcome to ting.  Using your keypad, enter the phone number of the device with area code.

[User enters phone number]

You entered 555-555-5555.  If this is correct, press 1.  If it is not correct, press 2.

[user presses 1]

Enter the ting account pin

[user enters PIN]

Data is off.  Press 1 to turn data on or press 2 to leave it off.

[user presses 1]

Data is enabled for 555-555-5555.



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  • Hi Frederick, 

     Thanks for the suggestion. We do try to stay away from the automated systems because we think it is not a very Ting thing to do. I'll bring this idea up at the next feature meeting but in the meantime, if this ever happens with your usage alert again you can always give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you over the phone. One of our agents would be more than happy to turn the data back on for you. 

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