Ting (Tucows), Hows your Tech-Fu? ~ 31337 or not?

First, I want to note that I really do like Ting, they've been awesome at addressing support related issues, and hopefully will find a way to implement support for wearables ... so, onward to my post:

- Having purchased a Samsung S2 3G Classic Watch after checking the IMEI on the BYOD page, it said that it was compatible, but then after purchase was told it was not. I found this very distasteful. If the IMEI checker is able to 1) identify the device and 2) tell me that it works on #G, then it should be able to at least note that these devices are (or not) supported. I purchased it because it said it worked here ...

After talking to tech support, was surprised to find that the ONLY reason it wont work on the system, is that they "Don't have a way to add the e-sim's IMEI number on to the system." Boils down to not giving themselves access to their own system's editing functions and enabling techs to hand enter a good IMEI that is not "natively" populated or present... that's it, that was all that was holding them back from activating my watch (or similar device YOU [reader] might have/purchase).


- So Ting, directly to you: You are a Tucows company, and with such a rich history in open-source support and embracing a free and liberated data systems, I find it hard to comprehend that you have not enabled your system to accept almost any IMEI that is not blacklisted, stolen, or otherwise questionable... simply, if its a legit usable IMEI, and physically capable of being on the system,  the Ting/Tucows system should be able to accept hand-entered data and enable these devices.

Tech Note: Cell phones are basically fancy HAM radios working off of a tower system that's routed by  frequency sets like any other HAM. The IMEI and similar coding is just a gateway, like any other gateway, and sifted through a "yes/no" "on/off" filter. If HAM tower operators can add extra accept/deny codes to their system (tower) lists, then I cant fathom that you (Tucows) cannot...I sincerely thought your Tech-Fu was stronger than that? Or has it grown weak with the weight of corporate cash outweighing the underlying principles of liberated data that Tucows supposedly promotes. Lets correct this flaw in your mantra, and get our techy wearables supported.

~ Shannon


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  • Hi Shannon, thanks for reaching out again - I can tell this is something you're passionate about. Unfortunately, like we mentioned before, there isn't a high enough demand for it at the moment for Ting to begin offering this.

    What I can do is take note of the request and make sure that it is brought up in our next features meeting which is coming up in early August. I'll be more than happy to relay anything new that the team tells me about the subject once I hear more in a couple weeks.

    I hope you understand and I want to thank you for being part of Ting.


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