Allow Referral Credits To Pay For Devices

I see a number of posts about this from 3-5 years ago, but can't find anything more recent. Bumping the topic in hopes of bending your ear.

It would be great if we could use referral credit for devices instead of solely for our service bill.

I've been a Ting user for three years and consistently praised the service to friends and coworkers. Whenever I hear complaints about phone bills I'm quick to jump in the convo & mention Ting. I've even gone out of my way a number of times to share Facebook posts about the service with screenshots. Most recently I took the time to write an in depth blog post about my experience, which I then went on to share heavily.

As a results I've accumulated over $750 worth of referral credit (more importantly, some ~30 people are stoked to not be using an outdated service provider). At the current rate of referral & phone usage, I'll never be able to use all of the credit. But meanwhile our devices are getting older... It would be awesome to be able to use some of that credit to get a nice discount on a new phone. It seems in line with the philosophy behind referral credits - motivate your happy customers to refer new customers.

I understand that the accounting might be slightly different because the COGS on services are lower than that of devices, but at the end of the day, allowing us to use referral credits for devices would result in your most loyal and vocal customers having more up to date devices and generally being even more stoked about your service and company.

If this is a system/tech issue, perhaps it could be a one off thing that customer service could handle. Getting new phones is probably something people only do every year or two so the volume would likely be low, but if it were an issue, perhaps there could even be some minimums set to decrease the volume of requests - like $500, or only if the full price of the phone were covered, etc. Perhaps even limit it to once per year to avoid any sort of possible scams, etc.

Thank you for your consideration - here is to another three years and 30 referred customers.




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