Canadian data charges were more than I expected…

I was passing through Vancouver and needed data to access Moovit (two thumbs WAY up for that app) and over the course of two hours, I used 49 Mb of data for almost $15 in charges. That's a big chunk of my bill. It won't be a regular occurence but I was still a bit surprised. My current bill is projected to be $40, so that $15 really pushed it up. Is there a way to know what the cost will be or to go for a lower rate if that is acceptable? I wasn't streaming a movie so I didn't need speed. 

On a related note, voice calling didn't work. On reflection I probably needed to add the country code (/facepalm) but I guess I expected that would happen automagically. Considering those data charges, perhaps it's just as well I waited. 



  • Hi Paul,

    True enough. I usually navigate (both here and overseas) using HereWeGo, which uses maps (one downloads where one's going) and the GPS system. It's advantages are it doesn't use data, and so works when there's no cell service, and it continues to work even when one drives off-course - I've found it's pretty easy to get beyond whatever maps Google has downloaded for a planned trip.

    I've had now-and-again challenges in voice calling, too. For instance, even with my iPhone's US number, calling from within Norway to a local Norway number only went through when I omitted the Norway country code.


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  • Hey paul, we have a specific set of rates for international roaming to Canada which will give you a better idea of what costs to expect. I saw your other post where you mentioned a travel SIM card as an option. I almost always recommend those for folks who intend to use data while traveling. If you can stick to calling and texting and Wifi use where needed, using your Ting SIM card in may be worthwhile to keep your phone number. That country code could very well have blocked your call but if that sort of thing persists please feel free to reach out to support when you can and we'd be happy to help. 

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  • Just to be clear, I ain't mad…just making sure I didn't miss anything. 

    On the idea of downloaded maps, I'm not sure Moovit does that. I know Google Maps does, as I used it on my travels for just that purpose: pull them down on wifi and use them without data. But an app as dynamic as Moovit might not do that. I haven't checked. And the WiFi at YVR was excellent, as it was in the airports where I travelled — unlike most US public WiFi. So if I had remembered Moovit sooner while I was still in WiFi, I might not have incurred those charges. If all i had to pull down was schedule/arrival data, not maps, it might have come out to much less of a hit. 


    Lessons learned…

     EDIT: 2Gb of data over ten days in Argentina is $6.38, at current exchange rates.  So it does make sense to go native. 

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