Static IP for Industrial Device Use

I have work application for GSM and CDMA embedded industrial phones for industrial waste water instrumentation that just require data and text messaging but also require a static IP address for online access for real time data and alarms due security concerns.


There are at least 100,000 or more of these type of embedded cell phones in use in the United States just in waste water applications and finding this type of special cell phone service is not easy as one usually has to subscribe to expensive unlimited data plans to get the features one needs for these applications.


I was told that Ting doesn’t offer static IPs for cell phone service which is unfortunate, because aside from the waste water industry, there are many other industrial applications for monitoring equipment where such service is needed such as data intensive secure IP wireless cameras, to refrigeration systems, to medical industrial compressed gas equipment just to name a few that come to mind.


Another big application that does not require a static IP addresses are cell phones in storage stored in emergency management deployments during natural disasters, where cell phones are stored in trailers and are only during exercises and actual deployment .


There are a lot of industrial customers Ting really should consider as customers and not just stick to consumer telephone service market. This type of potential user base is not apt to switch to other service providers if an existing provider is providing good service.



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