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i have a moto E 2nd gen. and can't update my apps because of no space.  I have an SD card but it doesn't look like my things can be moved to it.  How do I know which things I can delete (that came on the phone originally) without messing something else up....for example google drive and google chrome ---do I need them both?  Google+.?  Google play newsstand?



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  • Hey Marce, 

    The phones are sophisticated enough to not let you uninstall anything that could mess up your phone. If you don't use a particular app (Google+, Google Play NewsStand), you can safely uninstall them to free up some space on your Moto E. 

    Google Drive is used for cloud storage of files. Google Chrome is a web browser. If you don't use them at all, you can safely uninstall them. 

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