Usage summary per phone line, like the Current Usage Summary on the website

I would love to see the Current Usage Summary data show up on each bill. If you have 4-5 lines, like I do, it is very handy to see what the usage breakdown is. I love the Current Usage on the website, and would like to see the same thing on the bill. Maybe the usage for each phone line.

Right now you have two choices for a bill:

1. get the totals of all lines combined

2. get the detail spreadsheets (which I must say that is great that it is available)

A summary by line would be nice. I charge some of my kids for their phone usage, and currently I need to download multiple spreadsheets, and make pivot tables to get what I want out (a summary of usage per line)

Please include this on bills too, you already have the code for the current usage, so just reuse it on bills as well. I wouldn't even mind it if looked exactly the same and was just filtered to the billing time range.




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  • Adam, 

    This is a request we see all the time in our forums. We've referred it to our feature request team, and as soon as they have an update, we'll update as many of our social media outlets as we can. Stay tuned!

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