Using Netguard

Trying to help a friend with data problems because of using Pandora for music. So I installed both on my MOTO G5+.

I lost incoming calls not ringing. Not sure of settings since I used out of the box settings.

Anyone can help with this??



  • If you turned on Do Not Disturb mode, this can cause the ringer to be silent. You can check to see if that's the problem here.

    If that's not it, we can help you troubleshoot, but our ability to do so over forums is limited.

  • Right now I just have it installed and not turned on  STEP ONE !

    Next is to turn it on and see what happens.

    I never use dnd, but will check anyway.

    I just have to allow everything then.

    After 47 years in the telephone industry you would not believe the times I had

    to work like this to fix a trouble

  • I just turned it on and I could get incoming calls. At present I am at the opinion that there was a problem

    with Callcentric. I very rarely use my cell so would not know about a problem. I have had a problem when Callcentric lost their connection here in Colorado.

    Next would be to block Pandora from cell data.

    If I donot return here, it is working ok.

    Thanks for help




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