Keeping the cost to $6. (Plus tax)

I want a cell phone for emergencies when I'm in my car.  I don't expect to make any non-emergency calls.

If someone manages to get my number and makes calls to it will I be billed for their calls?  Does Ting bill for left voice messages?

Are there any events other than me making a call that would cost me money?  I don't want to sign up for $5 a month and find I've run up a much higher bill when I haven't used the phone.



(Sorry if this has been asked before.  I checked back a couple of pages and didn't find an answer.)




  • When you don't answer a call and it goes to voicemail they do not charge you for minutes. Calling your voicemail is free so you can hear any messages left.

    To keep costs down disable both texts and data so you don't get charged for someone accidentally texting your number. Option is in Device settings:

    With no usage they charge $6 plus tax per month.

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  • Thanks, Ben.


    My suspicions confirmed.  ;o)


    Looks like the ideal way to own a mobile phone if you would almost never use it.

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  • It's worth noting that you might want to define "non-emergency calls" to determine if Ting is the perfect fit. 

    A 911 call can be made on any handset that powers on, regardless of service provider, as long as a compatible frequency is being broadcast by the tower. You do not need service on the phone for this feature. 

    BUT, if you will ever use the phone to call anything OTHER than 911 (a tow truck, a relative or friend, the park district or park rangers when camping in the wilderness), you will need service. Ting is the perfect fit for that. $6 plus taxes in months you don't use it, $9 when you do.

    I don't recommend disabling the call feature in your dashboard on an emergency phone, as the only way to turn it back on would be using data through the Ting app/website or texting us at 855-TING-FTW (Yes, that really works!) and those options are not ideal while roaming.

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