Calculator For The Incoming "269" Number

When an incoming call with the long "269" comes through, it tells us that the customer has a GSM SIM card in the phone that is not active on the Ting network.  Most of the time, that customer hangs up not knowing the reason why the call is routed to Ting.  
We now have the formula from that number to get the SIM card and possibly access the account. 

The Formula: 

The number that comes though on the page: 26969119986254
Start off with 89012609621
Then add the last seven digits of the call in number 9986254
Combine these two numbers 890126096219986254
Put it through the Luhn Calculator in the Device page to get the last digit. 8901260962199862548
Plug that number into the ICCID search just below the Luhn Calculator and you will get the account

From here you can check the porting status if there is one or just check up on the activation of the phone and let the customer know why there call isn't working and get ahead of the curve rather than just labeling the call as a hang up.  A calculator that can produce results based on the formula would go a long way to achieving this and it would greatly improve customer service in this area.  






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