Wi-Fi Calling

Why am I being told that using WiFi calling on my Iphone I will still incur charges? WiFi calling on my own home network, (or anywhere), over the internet should be invisible to Sprint. If I am still using Sprints phone network and not the Internet, what is the point? 

Directly from the Sprint FAQ Page:

"No, Wi-Fi calling does not count against a cellular minute plan when calling to a US, US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico number. International rates still apply for international numbers."

Additionally I do not seem to be able to get it to work through Ting anyway.



  • Hey Tom, 

    The cell phone tower is only the first step in a long series of steps your phone takes to deliver a phone call from your phone to the person you're calling. WiFi Calling only supplants that step, and none of the others. Your call is still routed through our network and our network provider's servers to deliver it to the end point. 

    As our network providers still charge us for minutes passed even through WiFi calling, we still forward those charges to you. 

    If you'd like to make calls over your WiFi network that Ting will not charge for, I recommend setting up Hangouts for outbound calls. This is how I have my Ting phone set up, and I don't pay Ting for any outbound call I make when I make a call over WiFi, no matter how long it lasts. 

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  • Will Hangouts Dialer work for WhatsApp too? I make international calls using WhatsApp. The minutes did not count when I had T-Mobile as my mobile service-provider. I note that TING counts WhatsApp text and talk.

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