Group Text more than 10 recipients!!! Add this per Account PLEASE!!!

I have a large family and was not able to group text back a HAPPY NEW YEARS 2018 to them cause the limit is 10 recipients per Ting. I am sad and hurt over this. I love Ting and the pay as you go. It has saved me money and have not found a flaw until now. 

Add this as a feature per account PLEASE!!! It is quite embarrassing to not have the ability to respond to family or friend group texts when there is a limit of 10. 

Help me Obi "Ting"  LITERALLY are my only HOPE!





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  • Hey Adam, 

    The limit of 10 MMS recipients per message is a network restriction, and not something we have the ability to change. 

    You can get around this if you have an Android phone by using a third-party messaging app, like Textra.

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