Problems switching from to Ting.

My horror story began last week. My brother bought me a new sim chip offering lower prices $15 a month.

So I decided to Cancel my Ting service which was easy by porting out the number.

Now here this is the nightmare began. Stupid for some reason screwed up by putting in the wrong port number (Found this out from Ting Rep April C See request 2650815

. So I couldn't activate there sim card. So I said screw it I went back to Ting. The Ting Service rep April C was very helpful she  noticed the screw up. Since couldn't activate my port request it was stuck in limbo Both the port number and account number request that was asking was totally different than the one Ting has for me. Because of that i'm stuck in limbo.

Since Ting can't do anything until release the port request I can't use my cellphone. I called already and they did mentioned they cancelled the port request. But than another Ting rep just checked with T-mobile (See request - 2651604) and mentioned according they still haven't received the cancelled request. I just know what do? I wish there was a way that Ting could contact and explain to those idiots at It's very frustrating I can only use wifi for my cellphone. Sorry about this I had to vent out my frustation and decided to do this in a forum. I'm hoping to get this resolved this weekend. If it does will update this forum. Right now calling again they have a real long waiting time so I have time to vent in this forum.



  • Hey David, 

    I had a quick look over the transcripts and your account, and it does look like the number is still sitting at MintSIM. But they've also made headway in getting it cancelled, so we can bring you back over to Ting. 

    I understand the need to vent. That's what forums are for! We hear a lot about MintSIM, but you are not alone in having less-than-stellar experiences with their customer service when it comes to something that seems simple. Porting is really complex sometimes, but that's why Ting trains every single agent on how to successfully complete and troubleshoot a port. 

    We'll keep an eye on your request, and if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out here or through your open support ticket. 


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  • Thanks for checking. Called yesterday. They said it should be done by Monday since it takes 48 hours for the port request to be cancelled. Since my request was done Thursday morning they said it should be ready by Monday. My fingers are crossed hoping that it will be done Monday morning.

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  • You can always follow up inside your help request, too. We don't want to reveal personal account-level details on a public forum.

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  • Feel like a ping pong ball. Mint sim says they cancelled the request. But according to Ting Customer Service rep

    The porting still looks the same on our side and no changes. Are they saying it is available as in they are now wanting to complete the port on their end or they are confirming the port into their system has been cancelled out? 

    According to Mintsim also known as ultramobile they said they did cancel the port request.

    So frustrating. Got an email from Mintsim - With regards to your query, kindly take note that you will need to contact to our customer support to obtain correct account number and pin, then later contact Ting and request them to update with the accurate details.

    I sent back an email that I did already. Ugh.

    Don't know what else to do. Will chat with Ting rep. But not sure they can do anything. Since Ting Rep mention the ball is in Mintsim's court. I just wish someone from Ting can talk to the Mintsim rep. Since i'm stuck in limbo. Ugh.

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