iphone 6

Are the iphone 6 & 6s both compatible? 

Do I need to upgrade one or both phones to participate in the new plan?

Can we still set the data limit?

Can we still turn off data completely?




  • I was told that iphone 6 would not work on the new plan, although when I type in the IMEI code it says it is compatible.

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  • Only the 6s and up can be used with the new plans, the issues is that even though the 6 has all the technical specs we need it no longer gets iOS updates and as such can not get the Ting carrier bundle required to get service.

    To speak to your questions Phillip, the new plans apply to all devices on the account so you would need to move all of the lines to those rates or look at splitting your account. You can disable data with the new plans but we are currently unable to offer data caps/usage alerts as we could with the legacy rates.

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