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Has anyone been able to get a visual voicemail to work on the GSM network. Voicemail tab on the google dialer, just says that it's not activated and to call voicemail to set it up and it never pulls anything down. TMobile's voicemail app won't activate.

I saw the link to youmail, but signing up for yet another service seem excessive.

Back in the Sprint days I was able to call forward from the web UI and I just forwarded to a Google voice account. That worked pretty good, but it's not available anymore.



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  • Hi Eric,

    Sorry to hear you've been unable to get Visual Voicemail (VVM) working, I can confirm it is enabled by default on all subscriptions using the X3 SIM but is dependent on the device itself having an app capable of providing the service on our network.

    If the stock app on your device isn't cutting it you can try programming your voicemail number to see if that connects the inbox to the VVM app, you should be able to find that option in the settings for your voicemail and I'd suggest setting it to 1-805-MESSAGE (1-805-637-7243). 

    We suggest Youmail as it provides the benefits of VVM as well as some call blocking features but you can also feel free to reach out to support for help trying to get that working via the preloaded app on your device.

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