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I am currently with AT&T and looking to switch due to cost and issues with coverage, especially at my home in a semi-rural area. Before signing up with Ting, I tried out a SIM from Mint (a T-Mobile MVNO). I was able to directly compare coverage between the two networks at once since my Nokia 7.1 is a dual-SIM phone, and T-Mobile's signal was worse than AT&T most of the time. At home, AT&T has virtually no service; T-Mobile has literally no service.

So, you can imagine my dismay when I popped the Ting SIM into Slot 2 and it came up as T-Mobile.

I basically have 2 questions: 1. Is T-Mobile the only GSM network for Ting? And 2: If I want to switch over to the Verizon network, I assume I'm looking at a new phone?

Thanks in advance!



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  • Hey Kyle,

    I'll reach out in a support ticket/email so we can cover your options and check compatibility.

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