Can't send pictures by text

On my iPhone SE, I can't send pictures to non-iPhone numbers over text.  I've enabled data usage, picture, video, and group messaging on my device's Ting page and have MMS Messaging turned on in the iPhone. 



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  • Hi Matthew,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble, we are seeing others with similar issues so it is something we have been tracking closely. The first thing I would suggest is confirming that the Ting carrier settings have been installed. You can install the carrier bundle on an iPhone by going to Settings, tapping General, and selecting About. If the carrier is set to Ting then the settings are installed, if not tap the carrier section and an update should be prompted.

    We're also had this come up on our Reddit and have worked out a few ways to resolve the issue, check out this post for more tips and please do reach out to support if there is still trouble with MMS to troubleshoot further.

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