can you have a group plan?

I want to have a group plan with my family and I don't know if that's is possible because I don't see an option for that.



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  • Hi,

     You can have as many lines as you like on your account but they would all have to be under the same plan. If your group is going to have people with varying amounts of data usage you may want to look at the total usage and our Flex Option. The Flex Option is good for sharing the mobile data across the account. 

     Your other option would be to have all the phones on the account on one of our Set Plans or our Unlimited Plans. When you do it this way all the phones would have to be under the same plan so you couldn't mix and match different plans for different phones. Each phone would get its own set of data and it would not be shared across the account. Depending on how many phones you want to bring over this could be a good option. 

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