Bring back account data use notifications
After reading about some TX residents crying over their "flex" electrical bills, I am obviously reminded about the feature regression we've seen in the account mgmt portal. I know you've gotten this request already because I read it somewhere. So I also know the inferior options left to me. Please just focus on bringing *back* the best option or coming up with an interesting whitepaper on why that is difficult.


  • Hi Jason, 

     Thanks for the feedback and I wanted to let you know that the alerts and caps are something that we are working on bringing back right now. No set date on when they will be back but when they are we'll be letting everyone know since they have been missed these last few months. 

  • Yes, I need to be able to view the Data usage of each phone on the plan  AFTER a bill has been paid.


  • I need to know which device on my plan is using 100x normal data because a toddler turned their wifi off by accident


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