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I'm having problems with obtaining account/billing information. Different techs have sent emails ranging from "you don't have an account" to asking me to click on something that doesn't exist to sending me a pin number that is apparently supposed to unlock riches, if I had any idea where the lock is in which to insert it. The best line, however, belongs to the website itself which when asked for billing information, simply says there is no billing data yet. Anybody else having problems?



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  • Hi Melivn,

     Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums. So I can understand the situation I was wondering if you have an active phone number on Ting Mobile or have you only created an account recently with no active phone numbers?

     If you have an active phone number I was thinking the disconnect may be the email address that you are providing our support team and you may want to reach out to our support and give them the phone number of your active Ting Mobile line so that we can investigate that way. You'll need to contact our support to have them look since we can't take private information here on the forums. I can link you to them here.

     The PIN number that we send is so that we can access the account. We send the PIN to the email that is provided to us but if that email address provided is not the right email address then it wouldn't be received. This could also be part of the confusion. 

     If you don't have an active phone number then seeing the "no active billing date" makes sense since billing dates begin when a phone is activated on the account. 

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