Visual voicemail has disappeared

I had visual voicemail (90% of the time, anyway) under my original plan. Since I switched to a new Flex plan it's disappeared and I can't figure out how to get it back. Anyone else having this problem? If you fixed it, please tell us how. Thanks!



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  • Hi Elizabeth,

    When moving SIMs you will need to reinitialize visual voicemail, you should be able to do that shortly after updating your carrier settings.

    You can install the carrier bundle on an iPhone by going to Settings, tapping General, and selecting About. If the carrier is set to Ting, then you're all set. If you don't see Ting listed as the carrier and an option for an update doesn't appear after a minute or two, make sure that your phone is running the latest iOS version by checking for software updates. Once your iOS is up-to-date, try restarting your phone and checking for the update again.

    Once the iOS/carrier bundle are set you should be able to set up your visual voicemail.

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