Ting should try to arrange for precise caller id.

Hi--I think Ting offers excellent service, with one exception: if your move your service to Ting your named caller id may be replaced by anonymous "Wireless Caller."  We routinely reject calls identified in this way, and I cannot recommend Ting to others because of this shortcoming.  I understand that it may be a standard, difficult to change, feature of service by companies like Ting, but, I'm sorry, it's just not good enough for my friends and relatives.



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  • This is something we used to be able to offer when Ting Mobile used Sprint.

    Without getting too into the weeds, there are several CNAM databases (the things that tie your name to your number in Caller ID) across the industry. There is no real standard to it. The companies pay each other to subscribe to their CNAM databases, but if there's a company in between that doesn't subscribe, that information is lost and is not sent to the caller ID on the other end.

    We've asked our network providers for this feature, as you're not alone in requesting it. Since we no longer offer service on the Sprint network, our providers default to "WIRELESS CALLER" for all CNAM entries on Ting Mobile. 

    Adding the contact to your address book will override this setting, but there are currently no plans to change it. It's disappointing that this is why you feel you can't recommend Ting Mobile to friends and family, because if we could change it, we would. This limitation appears across the industry for MVNOs that don't use the Sprint network.

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