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Hi, I cant send or recieve group texts or send or rec'v pics. I get, " No subject. Mesg size bkah blah.." and it wont download. I even rec'v these when ppl havent txd me. Is there a setting in my acct I can change while doing it on my cellph? The option wwasnt there when I looked. I know therebis a list of settings when I start a new ph but I cant find it. Im so damn frustrated! 🤯 Argh! Thx, Rachel 🙂


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  • Hey Rachel,

    Maybe this will help, to get to device settings you can access it through the TING app or your account through a browser.  Login, find the menu on the left hand side ( app or browser) look for "device settings" and tap it, Below "Active" you will see your phone number(s) and tap it to open up those settings for your phone(s) (each phone has independent settings).  Now you will be directed to the device settings pages, below the "Prefrences and Nickname" you will see a menu bar labeled, (Minutes, Messages, Megabytes,) those are menu items, tap each one to check and go down the list to see what's on or active, it may be the settings in the megabytes section for you, hopefully this helps.

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