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Hello. I feel a little silly for asking this, but could you please explain, in detail, the cost of having two lines on the same account? And could you run the numbers on both the Flex and the Set 5 plans? I'm just not 100% certain on if the plan rates I'm looking at are per line or not, and if not, then I've no clue what the cost to add an additional line is.

Thank you for your time.



  • Hey Richard, 

    I'd be happy to detail it for you. The total cost of having two phones on the same account depends on your usage, so I'll go through a few usage patterns. 

    The easier to explain is Set 5, so let's start there. Say you've got two lines on Set 5. Each line is $25 + tax for a total of $50 + tax. Each line gets its own 5GB bucket to draw from that doesn't affect the other line. Both lines also get unlimited talk and text. Once one line reaches its total of 5GB, we slow down the data it can receive unless you specifically call us and tell us you want it to continue to be fast at a rate of $5/GB.

    The minimum amount that Set 5 can be for two people is $50. There is no maximum, but at a certain point $5/GB starts to add up, so we really recommend Set 5 only if your data usage stays around that 5GB mark.

    Then there's Flex. Flex is a flat $10 per line for unlimited talk and text. If you use zero data on both lines (difficult, but not impossible) then your total would stop there, at $20 + tax. Because most people will use some data on Flex, usually you'd budget for some data usage at $5/GB shared across the two lines. The $5 buys a GB that can be shared across both lines, which is unique in the industry.

    Let's say for example that between the two lines, you guys end up using 1.75GB. We round up to the next full GB, so your total bill would be $10 (talk/text #1) + $10 (talk/text #2) + $5 (first GB) + $5 (second GB) = $30 + taxes. 

    This means it perfect for users who might use a lot of talk/text but might not use a ton of data. This is the way I have my own plan set up. Between the four of us, let's say we use ~3GB in one month. I'd pay $40 for talk/text and $15 for data for a total of $55 + tax for 4 lines. 

    Contrast this with Set 5, where each line would get its own 5GB, but it would be $100 + taxes, flat. We don't need that much data, and the bill would always be $100. 

    What's really nice about Flex is in those months where you don't end up using a lot of data, your bill will be less. If the four of us on my Ting account manage to use less than a GB total. That means my bill would only be $45 + tax.

    I hope that all made sense. If it didn't please let me know.

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  • Thank you very much! This exactly answers all of my questions.

    My wife and I are very low data use individuals. We've rarely use more than 1 GB on our shared A&TT plan, so the Flex plan sounds perfect for us. And should save us rather a lot of money :)

    Thanks again for the response!

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  • I'm so glad to hear it! We're thrilled to have you on board and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out to me here, or to my team at

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