Splitting my account for 2 separate plans

Hi, I wrote some time ago about being able to use my sprint connect device on a new plan (FLEX) along with our other lines and we came to the conclusion that it could not be done. So, I wonder if I keep my Sprint Connect on my original account (I use that number for my business landline), and open a new account to transfer our 4 other devices (cellphones) into the flex plan as we would then be able to save about 1/3rd of our bill each month. Can that be an alternative?  Thanks, John




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  • Technically yes, but it's delaying the inevitable. T-Mobile, who currently owns the Sprint network, is working towards retiring the network and moving all the devices on it over to the T-Mobile network. Some devices, like the Phone Connects (1,2,3) might not be compatible with the T-Mobile network for voice calls and will need to be replaced completely.

    If this is something you want to do in the meantime, just let our support team know, and we'll move the other phone numbers to Flex for now. When the time comes to replace the Phone Connect (T-Mobile has similar devices, but nothing identical), we will be in touch via the email address on your older account.

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