Newly provisioned iPhone cannot send group SMS

Hello Tingers:  My iPhone Xr with newly ported number (from Spectrum VOIP) fails to send group SMS messages if any of the recipients are SMS-only (i.e., Android).  Sending group messages to a group of iPhone users works fine, and sending individual SMS messages to the same recipients that fail in a group SMS also works fine.


I've verified that Settings->"Send as SMS", "MMS Messaging", and "Group Messaging" are all enabled.  Using other iPhones (and numbers) on the same account works fine; it's just this iPhone Xr with the X3 SIM that I set up a couple days ago that's having the problem.

Can you check settings on your end to verify that MMS has been enabled for my newly ported number?





  • Hi Matt, 

     Thanks for reaching out to us. To check and account we would need to verify that you are the account holder which we wouldn't be able to do over the forums here. Our live support would be happy to help look into this issue and make sure that everything is set on our back end. 

     Our support team is working normal weekend hours this weekend so they are available from 8 am to 11 pm ET tonight and tomorrow. I can link you to our contact information here if you need it. 

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  • Thanks to Bryce for the quick email reply and the link to live service, and thanks to Alicia at chat service for prompt and successful resolution.  You guys rock!


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