Documentation of time zones [timezones] used for Usage Details listing (web and app)

Please add documentation to the Usage Details listings to explain exactly which time zones are used for the activity details entries.

This documentation is needed on both the web and app versions.  For the web, I'm thinking an "(i)" info icon in the Date header with a link to the documentation (or the documentation in a pop-up) would work (on both the Voice/Talk and Text listing pages).

For the app, it would be great if it were actually available in the app somehow, but if it's much easier to update the website than the app then simply adding a section with this information to the "Using the Ting mobile app" page would be a good start.  (I guess that page doesn't currently mention the usage detail report at all, so the "Current usage dashboard" section would need to be expanded to include that.)


As far as what the documentation needs to say:  I've noticed several places in the Ting Help pages that state that the times are listed in Central Time, most recently in Aug 2020 (and I was also told that specifically in a private support request last month).

However, we have two devices on our account, currently in separate time zones (ET and MT), and looking closely at the activity logs, it's seems like that:

  • text messages always show up in PDT (7 hours before UTC), for both devices
  • voice messages seem to show up in local time (so currently EDT and MDT for the respective devices)

Based on the discrepancy between the "official expectation" and actual behavior, I wonder if the device's network makes a difference?  (Both these devices are using the GSM network.)

Anyway, it seems like complete documentation on this topic would include at least which time zone is used for each type of activity (with separate information for each network, if that does in fact make a difference), and including a mention as to whether the time used follows US daylight saving time schedule or if it's fixed at UTC -7 (i.e. are text activity entries shown in PST/PDT based on the time of year, or instead really just showing consistently in MST?).






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