Since Ting Mobile is now part of Dish, can we look at giving users of Ting unlimited and Unlimited pro Accounts a year of Sling or Dish free or Discounts on sling or Dish service.
With Ting mobile a part of Dish network, could you get a year of Sling/Dish free or discounts, for example Ting Unlimited Subs get 25% off Sling/Dish, and Unlimited Pro Subs get 50% off Sling/Dish. Ting Mobile would get a lot more new Subs that way.


  • Hey John,

    This is definitely a DISH marketing team decision. While I'm not on their marketing team, I'm certain they're looking at all kinds of options for bundles. What they'll do remains to be seen.

  • Just checked the DISH website; nothing for ting subscribers. In fact, nothing that would make me switch.


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