Generate Port Out PIN on request only

Verizon has a feature that generates a port out PIN only upon request (and after verification). This locks the number and prevents a port out until a PIN is requested. 

Ting's port out PINs seem to be preset and persist, which increases the risk of an unauthorized port out.



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  • Hi Andrew, 

     Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to pass it along to our team who makes these decisions to see what they think. 

     Right now the Port Out PIN is located in the Ting My Account so that customers can find this information for themselves without having to go through our customer support. We believe that our customers have a right to their number and we don't want to hold it hostage. We also know that security is important which is why we offer two-factor authentication. It's a great way to protect access to an account and the information contained in it and it is a great way to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to Port Out information. I can link you to our article on two-factor authentication here.

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