I want Verizon sim that would support 5G


I have spoke to rep over the phone to get a Verizon sim card (better coverage in my area). The rep said he would send a V1 card. From what I found here, the V1 doesn't support 5G (the rep told me otherwise!). The rep also said the X3 card would be Tmobile.

So I just want to have a sim card that would be using Verizon, and in the same time supporting the 5G. Is that possible?



  • Hi Michael,

     Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums. Right now, that combination is not possible as 5G is only officially available through our X3 SIM at the moment. It would be a matter of choosing either the network with better coverage with our V1 SIM or the access to the 5G network with our X3 SIM for now. There are no set plans that we can announce at the moment for 5G on our V1 SIM but if that changes we will be letting everyone know. 

     Sorry for the miscommunication on this, I'll provide feedback to that customer support representative that you last spoke to. 

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  • I wanted to add that I also spoke to a rep about switching networks, and I specifically mentioned reading that 5G was not supported on V1 sim and was told that 5G was live on V1, only to activate V1 and lose 5G support. So it seems there is some confusion even within Ting. 

    I appreciate the transparency in responding directly to questions like these, but I feel like Ting's marketing is really muddying the waters here. For instance, there is no mention on the 5G FAQ page (https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/articles/360057489834-Ting-Mobile-5G-FAQs) that one of the two available networks currently has no 5G available to Ting customers. 

    Ting's messaging implies that whichever non-AT&T network gives you the best service will work just as well on Ting, and that 5G is available to all Ting customers with compatible devices. And it just ain't true. 

    Look, I can sympathize if you feel like you have to advertise 5G support in order to be competitive, and for X3 SIM users, you have it. So how do you advertise 5G support*** (***with compatible network) without just confusing a lot of customers? It's a tough problem, just like not being able to mention which networks you operate on is a tough problem. 

    But the current implementation, which I would describe as "we offer network choice and we offer the 5G," and then let customers figure out later that the latter is actually dependent not he former, is not a good look.

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  • Hey Chris,

    Officially it is not supported but we have had subscribers let us know it has worked for them - though I have no idea how or why.

    I agree the advertising could be more transparent but the decision was made to focus less of the network differentiators and try to keep things simply, sorry if that caused you problems.

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