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Why am I getting a LOT of SMS spam? My carrier used to show Ting, and I am aware that Ting uses T-mobile's net. Since the SIM showed T-mobile, the spam had exploded. It is getting annoying.


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  • Hi Richard,

    The carrier displayed on your phone is dependent on the one your SIM is using and also the way the OS of the phone is programmed to display the network ie sometimes it will show the carrier/Ting and sometimes the actual network the device is on - this won't affect the connection/performance of the device.

    The spam itself would be something we don't have much control over until regulations are in place to allow for network level filtering of the sort of spam traffic you're seeing, it's also not something that would happen any more on one network than another as it's linked to the phone number itself. If you're not attached to the number we could help change it, otherwise I'd suggest blocking any numbers that send SMS or looking at an app like Youmail to help with spam calls.

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