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Will Alcatel GO FLIP 3 Black 4GB 4052W (GSM Unlocked) Flip Phone work with Ting? I need to get my 91 year old mother a new phone. I don't think that she'd be able to learn a smartphone.



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  • Hi Paul,

     Thanks for reaching out to us here on the forums. The Alcatel Go Flip 3 would work on Ting Mobile but you'll want to make sure it's the right version of unlocked. A lot of the unlocked ones are designed for the AT&T network which has caused issues for our customers in the past so you'll want to look for our network partner version. The reason being is it has to have the software to pick up VoLTE for the phone connection otherwise it's not going to be able to work. 

     There was a good discussion about this on our Reddit as well which I might suggest taking a look at before trying to track down one of these phones. 

     And if you want another option this Nokia would work on Ting Mobile as well. 

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