What Shall We Do?

Ellen Lederman

My phone is working fine, but with Ting stopping its app and no customer service for days, it seems possible our service could end abruptly.  When Ting posts on these forums, they say they have an active presence in Facebook, but I see no posts since 2022!

When and who is going elsewhere?  Have any alternative companies in mind?



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    Tea AmazonAccount

    Not sure why the app got killed, but the Ting customer support network seems to be directly affected by the cyber attack on Dish a few weeks ago.

    I'm really surprised that they aren't making any attempt to post about the root problem here on the help forums while their customers get frustrated, upset, and are looking for other services.

    I had just ported my iPad SIM over to Verizon because my plan now allows non phone device SIMS on my phone plan for an additional $9.99.

    My iPad was all I had on Ting, so that's where I went.

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    Kim D


    I just wanted to let everyone know that even though there hasn't been a post on Facebook since 2022, we are still active on there and reading messages and helping whoever we can during this situation.  As for why we haven't said anything it is because there is only so much that we can say at the moment.

    I really do understand the frustration that everyone is feeling due to the situation with our support and our app being discontinued, but I will say that we are not going under and this is just a perfect storm of events.


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